Setting up a Shoretrax portable pump track.

Cycle Show 2012 - DMR Pump Track Challenge

Round one of the three part BarnCross race series.

Behind the scenes at Chanel 5's the Gadget Show.

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What is Shoretrax?

Shoretrax is owned and operated by mountain bikers here in the UK. Inspired by the timber mountain bike trails of the North Shore of Canada Shoretrax has developed a unique take on timber mountain bike trails.

Our fully portable and interchangeable track system delivers the thrill and excitement of riding a mountain bike trail in the mountains to your event, school, sports club, activity park or even your garden!

Our tracks are easy to assemble and setup using our unique tool free system and are feature packed and fully upgradeable because of Shoretrax’s patent pending modular design.

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@VeloUK Sep 22, 00:18

First stop at the bike show @PrimalEurope to see James and Judith, off the shelf and custom clothing

@Firecrest_MTB Sep 21, 14:41

First year in 11 years that I've not been @cycleshow running the #MTB Test Tracks (due to my house move this week)……

@betdcomponents Sep 21, 10:50

It's showtime @CycleShow @kmfmetal. Pop on the stand to say hello (G10). #cycleshow #ukmfg #cycling

@thebiketraderuk Sep 19, 11:24

Just look at all those styles over the years. The evolution has been quite profound. #cycling

@shoretrax Sep 19, 10:20

@stuartwitts True. But have you been in lately?

@shoretrax Sep 18, 22:51

@AppleSupport Why are the hard drives on the new 13" Mac Book Pro so small? Seriously 128gb 256gb? Need 1tb. Please advise?

@shoretrax Sep 17, 21:54

@RUTrainingToday 😂it did.,

@ARUKnews Sep 14, 22:25

Many people think dementia is just a natural part of ageing. To fight misunderstanding, please share a film about a…

@mashable Sep 14, 16:18

This easy-to-install 3D hologram system allows for projection of any 3D ads, signs, or displays.

@RideNorthWales Sep 13, 22:18

We'll be at #BrickfieldPond #Rhyl this Saturday with our @shoretrax Bring your own bike along or have a go on one…

@Apple Sep 12, 23:01

Say hello to the future. iPhone X.

@shoretrax Sep 12, 00:37

A snippet from the rocker bmx dual pump track challenge edit. #rockerminibmx #harrymain #dccycles

@PrinsHDYT Sep 11, 18:00

Im selling prison architect steam keys! buy here.

@Editorial_MR Sep 11, 12:41

Drivers: open your door with your left hand, says cycling group

@SharonNLaws Sep 10, 19:25

Proud of my village Bourton on the Water for putting on a great show for @TourofBritain #bestcrowds

@itvcycling Sep 10, 19:23

Lars Boom and the rest of the riders have given us a memorable week in the 2017 @TourofBritain!

@shoretrax Sep 07, 14:32

The rocker BMX pump track challenge edit is now online & it's awesome! #rockerminibmx #harrymainbmx #dccycles

@urbanthoughts11 Sep 06, 17:55

Proof # 1 billion that you get the kind of traffic you build for.

@canowater Sep 04, 18:36

8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in this beautiful ocean every year 😔 we're here to put a stop to that ♻️🌊

@Apple Sep 04, 18:30

Join us September 12 at 10am PT to watch the #AppleEvent live. Retweet for updates from @Apple.

@shoretrax Sep 04, 12:03

@netatmo How do I get to email direct regarding an issue I have with my Netatmo Presense which is not a standard support question??

@shoretrax Sep 04, 10:57

@IL0VEthe80s Good for keeping screws and things in after film developed.

@thebiketraderuk Sep 03, 23:52

The average person will lose 5.8 kilograms (13 lbs.) in their first year of #cycling to work.

@RideNorthWales Sep 03, 21:40

We're at Bro Havard in St Asaph with our @shoretrax this afternoon. Come along and have a go!

@IL0VEthe80s Sep 03, 18:55

Retweet if you think Salt & Vinegar crisps should ALWAYS be in a blue packet, not GREEN!!..

@ApplWatchNews Sep 02, 22:38

#AppleWatch Apple Watch is about to get a MAJOR update to one of its biggest features, code hints - Expres…

@anayaesther Sep 02, 14:50

Too much talk about cars that drive themselves&too little about not driving cars at all #smartmobility paradigm too…

@duncan_morrow Sep 02, 13:58

Without proper cycle tracks, cyclists will have to choose between annoying pedestrians and/or risking road death.

@shoretrax Sep 02, 13:23

@OxGadgets @JiveOxford Why? No one wants them!

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