Setting up a Shoretrax portable pump track.

Cycle Show 2012 - DMR Pump Track Challenge

Round one of the three part BarnCross race series.

Behind the scenes at Chanel 5's the Gadget Show.

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What is Shoretrax?

Shoretrax is owned and operated by mountain bikers here in the UK. Inspired by the timber mountain bike trails of the North Shore of Canada Shoretrax has developed a unique take on timber mountain bike trails.

Our fully portable and interchangeable track system delivers the thrill and excitement of riding a mountain bike trail in the mountains to your event, school, sports club, activity park or even your garden!

Our tracks are easy to assemble and setup using our unique tool free system and are feature packed and fully upgradeable because of Shoretrax’s patent pending modular design.

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@gritboards Nov 15, 18:52

Fancy riding off piste? Our boards with their 97mm soft compound wheels will take you places most other boards won’…

@gritboards Nov 14, 16:08

Gentle push of the remote and climb steep hills with ease... #gritboards #hubmotors #electriclongboards

@mashable Nov 14, 15:16

This bicycle-inspired, vertical transportation system lets you cycle up buildings

@BuckinghamBikes Nov 14, 15:15

Come and join us on the 23rd November 5-8pm for our Elite try out night..test ride on Zwift the latest Elite traine…

@ARUKnews Nov 14, 15:15

.@BillGates is investing $50million in the Dementia Discovery Fund. Read his blog to learn why he has joined us in…

@roadphil Nov 14, 15:14

Got to hand it to this fella, descending backwards on your front wheel takes some skill and balance. (Via…

@petosagan Nov 14, 15:12

It's great to see so many people using their bikes in London, one of the world's most iconic cities. Let's work to…

@cyclingindustry Nov 14, 15:10

IMBA updates electric mountain bike stance to one of approval “when appropriate”

@alzassociation Nov 14, 15:04

Welcoming @BillGates commitment to moving the #Alzheimers cause forward even faster. We look forward to working tog…

@KMFmetal Nov 10, 09:50

The @KMFmetal spitfire looks like it might take off in the wind! @sot2021 it's almost ready for @PotteriesMuseum

@AbingdonDesign Nov 09, 18:09

Great to welcome Keith from @shoretrax, working with Noah developing his A2 Product Design project. Great to have r…

@shoretrax Nov 03, 16:02

@stuartwitts Arrived today 😀

@shoretrax Nov 03, 16:00

@stuartwitts @neilslorance Fully restored.

@shoretrax Nov 02, 17:52

@stuartwitts Yep

@stuartwitts Nov 02, 17:52

Who else is looking forward to getting #CallofdutyWW2 and being instantly shot the moment they spawn?

@betdcomponents Oct 31, 17:43

Happy Halloween 🎃. Enjoy trick or treating 👻☠️ @KMFmetal @UKmfg #halloween2017 #pumpkin

@mashable Oct 31, 10:58

Contractor invents a 3-D printer that builds a castle entirely out of concrete

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Tattoos are becoming more tech-savvy by the day

@mashable Oct 30, 14:10

This parkour robot overlord has 'Terminator' written all over it

@mashable Oct 30, 14:09

This robot looks alive and it's both cool and creepy

@CH_innovation Oct 28, 10:55

We are thrilled to have @sykescottages sponsor one of our #CountryBiz theaters! Find them on stand 320 at #FarmBiz

@canowater Oct 25, 18:07

It's sustainability day! ♻️🌎 Our mission is to cut down single use plastic bottles. 🚫 What’s your mission?

@Velotastic Oct 22, 11:14

Bring it on !!

@Farm491 Oct 17, 21:07

Excited for @Farm_Innovation 8th & 9th Nov @nec_birmingham Here's some of the speakers addressing #diversification

@Farm_Innovation Oct 17, 21:06

Something VERY exciting has been delivered to our #FarmBiz office! Keep your eyes peeled for your copies of our sho…

@mashable Oct 16, 14:29

This is one way to ensure those school project eggs survive a two-story fall 🍳

@shoretrax Oct 15, 23:16

@dickstrawbridge That was over quick!

@shoretrax Oct 15, 11:38

@dickstrawbridge Obviously!

@dickstrawbridge Oct 15, 11:37

Duh - You fix the boat!!!

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