Setting up a Shoretrax portable pump track.

Cycle Show 2012 - DMR Pump Track Challenge

Round one of the three part BarnCross race series.

Behind the scenes at Chanel 5's the Gadget Show.

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What is Shoretrax?

Shoretrax is owned and operated by mountain bikers here in the UK. Inspired by the timber mountain bike trails of the North Shore of Canada Shoretrax has developed a unique take on timber mountain bike trails.

Our fully portable and interchangeable track system delivers the thrill and excitement of riding a mountain bike trail in the mountains to your event, school, sports club, activity park or even your garden!

Our tracks are easy to assemble and setup using our unique tool free system and are feature packed and fully upgradeable because of Shoretrax’s patent pending modular design.

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@shoretrax Aug 23, 11:59

Track delivered in the heart of the New Forest ready for the @bigbikebash this weekend for bike races, competitions…

@_CaitlynNicole_ Aug 22, 09:13

take a little time out of your day to watch this 🐾

@mashable Aug 21, 22:28

These fire ants work together to make some crazy looking things

@shoretrax Aug 20, 00:23

@RUTrainingToday 😂

@shoretrax Aug 18, 19:28

@EricssonNetwork Not needed!

@5_News Aug 18, 14:08

Firefighter Roger's kids ask "to have their dad back" He suffers PTSD and like over 25% of our emergency services…

@mashable Aug 18, 14:07

So basically there's nothing IKEA doesn't sell

@JasonBradbury Aug 16, 13:46

First man to ride the @shoretrax mini-velo @EroicaBritannia this yr #honoured #legend

@betdcomponents Aug 15, 22:18

Check out the BETD Bearing collection and why you should be stocking up!... #cycling

@EvolveSk8boards Aug 15, 21:52

Thinking about buying GT Street Kit? Read our latest review of the product by Dav via @yotpo

@shoretrax Aug 15, 02:19

@RUTrainingToday Brilliant!

@TaylorRides Aug 14, 21:09

Sad to see him go,hoped to share the road with this legend one day.

@shoretrax Aug 14, 18:00

Not all villains wear Lycra – cars are literally killing us | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion | The Guardian

@shoretrax Aug 14, 17:50

Why we fell for clean eating

@cyclingindustry Aug 14, 12:48

Looters raid cargo ship as containers carrying MY18 bicycles go overboard

@mashable Aug 14, 08:49

These sneakers can show any design your heart desires

@mashable Aug 13, 13:47

This suitcase can follow you throughout the airport

@JasonBradbury Aug 13, 13:46

Some micro-cars can use cycle lanes here in Amsterdam. Techy & sooo cute!! #Bradventure

@thebiketraderuk Aug 13, 10:15

The mobility of a bike gives you the chance to see your world from a new perspective.

@Firecrest_MTB Aug 13, 00:09

Taking a different perspective @AstonHill. @shoretrax with the drone footage #surfacetoair... #mtb #dh #drone #jumps

@Cycling_TT Aug 10, 14:12

New study explains why you enjoy riding your bike (if you’re a Mamil)... #cycling

@mashable Aug 10, 11:46

Make yourself nearly invisible when surfing or swimming with the sharks

@MitrajitB Aug 10, 11:45

A brilliant campaign by @RedFMIndia to reclaim the zebra crossing for the pedestrian.

@thebiketraderuk Aug 09, 21:39

Aside from swimming, #cycling is one of the only fitness activities that targets all the major muscle groups simult…

@shoretrax Aug 08, 23:43

@80s_Kidz Yep

@Benfogle Aug 08, 16:09

I wrote this a while back for the @guardian It's more pertinent now than ever. We need an education revolution

@jimmyicedcoffee Aug 08, 16:07

If you want to be involved in something wheely rad, be invited to wheely exclusive events or be sent wheely cool l……

@shoretrax Aug 08, 14:55

@eatsafeworksafe @AddedIngredient It should be the minimum standard of all food places and not congratulated!

@shoretrax Aug 08, 13:59

@JasonBradbury As previously living in Holland for 3+ years I can agree that cycling there is safe and fun!

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